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The research development program, under the direction of Dr. Jerry Strissel since 2006, has been focused on developing material that fits specific needs identified by growers, tortilla companies, commercial end-users, and seed companies establishing new products in areas with specific disease problems.  Our interaction with clients around the world allows us access to evaluation of new hybrids in many areas under replicated and strip plot conditions.  Current product line-up fits many different types of farming operations including conventional, organic, silage or food grade grain use.  We are passionate about the products we have to offer and want to ensure that you are as happy about the outcome of your fields as we are!

Dr. Jerry F. Strissel obtained his BS, MS and PhD in Plant Pathology from Iowa State University and worked as the Vice President Product Development and Director of Research with Wilson Genetics in starting in 1980, later leading the white corn product development team at Syngenta Seeds before he founded JFS and Associates, LTD in 2006.  His passion and goal of continuing the diverse studies of white and yellow corn genetics to develop top line inbreds and hybrids is his drive!